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  1. heard @Kattri is a 1 hit
  2. Easy vs RoT Thanks for the battle nonetheless
  3. Jack

    London to Chicago

    expected some lit holiday post not another shit song from you. why man why
  4. Jack


    grats, last 50 to go
  5. @BBK was making a sandwich as he was calling it was that easy
  6. Jack


    Can't say I remembered you until someone just reminded me that you were the guy who cried on ts & left vintage because you couldn't handle being teased from a couple of the vintage kids about buying your inferno cape. I remember now. Thanks for the warm welcome anyway gamer Hope you enjoy it here and last longer then your 1 week in AF and month? in Vintage
  7. Jack


    remind me who you are?
  8. Jack


    sorry man, ta baby
  9. Jack


    need jamesD for the acca tips too
  10. Jack


    Sorry man was the noises too much last night? my bad lol