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  1. Ethan


    you're a fan i understand I knew before introing you would still be emotional about the AF situation over a year ago
  2. Ethan


    Calm yourself ,you will give yourself a brain aneurysm
  3. Ethan


    Whats your IRL Name and RSN? Ethan/British Guy Tell us a little about yourself? 19 from the United Kingdom currently at University and work part time. Past clan History? (Not gonna bother including the rune pure/tank clans) Brutality- Trial Warlord -2 months? Ghjjf DI -Member- 6 months Ancient Fury-PK Leader- 1 year Violent Resolution- member-5 months Currently PK Leader in The Rising CWA Teams Seals-Member Clan Europe- Trial Member Silent Ember- Trial member Do you know anyone in Revenant? If so, who? Yeah quite a lot off people Do you plan on joining? (Please note Introductions are currently: Invite only) Potentially, see what the reaction is like and my urge for P2P is growing once again Any additional comments? Obviously there may be some issues with some members , so feel free to PM ME to sort any issues