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  1. Pasco


    My fellow foe brother
  2. Pasco


    Ohhh didnt know you were here?!
  3. Pasco


    Whats your IRL Name and RSN? Pasco - Tell us a little about yourself? I enjoy pure clanning a ton, been doing it for 1 year and has been great since I started. I occasionally do RSB warring on side of pure clanning whilst training my accounts. Also been watching a few rev vids from friends, which has caught my attention to main multi clanning. - Past clan History? Pre eoc - Green Bandits 07: Current - Final Ownage Elite (Council) Sanity - RSB - Do you know anyone in Revenant? If so, who? Austin - 2 years Gxd - 5 or so years - Do you plan on joining? (Please note Introductions are currently: Invite only) Potentially yes - Any additional comments? Yeah - CT Suck
  4. Pasco

    Crown The Empire

    not bad at all
  5. Pasco

    Anotha one boys

    very cool, nice to see