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  1. hello my real name is jay sanz.. and rsn acc is raid bot. I got a main acc that I usually pk/pvm with and been wanting to join a beast team. I got enough gp to buy gear/supplies I usually pvm/pk on it. I also have sum pures I go out on and nh or bh. im from U.S west time zones and usually on all day anyways.. especially weekends and willing to attend any events. usually I go out to kbd lair and brid a bit there but hard wen solo. most of the time I can teleblock for group. I was introduce to cc while out in wildy seeing them in combat and asking around. seen them in action lot of times and had always ask. seen vids and other big stuff.
  2. Would suggest to post this into the correct section and use the correct format
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    @Jumbo "Two weeks after I fucked her she got gonorrhea"
  4. Ct killing rev pvmers and asking where we at during this btw lol