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approved Ffs M8 Intro

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Who has invited you to apply (Member or higher) and for how long have you known said person?:
- Bosha, idk ages

- Scaphe, 2 years maybe


Other members have told me to intro but I haven't specifically asked them for a ref.
Preferred name:
- Ray
Current and past display names (include as many as you can remember):
- Ffs M8, Hong Kong

Are you currently in our Discord? (If not use the following link to join: https://discord.gg/xbweYGD)


- Oh yes
Tell us about yourself:
- Ray IRL, 26 from Essex, infamous autistic nerdo. Currently working for the local council and it's shit, also a foster carer mostly emergency placements. I don't really play RS outside of clanning nowadays and don't really plan to either. Away from the screen I'm big into the outdoors and nature stuff. I'm a pretty relaxed and open guy, feel free to ask me anything.


Are you the original owner of your account? If not why not?


- Yep
Have you Applied to Revenant before, if you answer yes what happened?:
- Nope
How much experience in months/years do you have of P2P fights?:
- 10 years +, 3 or so as a main.
Why have you chose to introduce yourself to Revenant?:
- I didn't think I'd even consider clanning again but it's an itch I need to scratch. There aren't exactly many clans left that I could say I respect in some form, and having attended a few fights I've been impressed by a number of things here.
Why should we allow you to join? What would you bring to Revenant?:
- I don't half-ass things, you can expect someone who knows what they're doing and that's gonna show up and stick it out on the regular. 
Picture of your Combat Level with Stats:
Picture of your P2P return sets with the required Clan Wars items (Read pinned set requirements topic before posting) (No Cropped Images):
- Granted my tab's a bit of a mess right now.

Proof of all prayers unlocked:

List all the Clans, Teams and Communities you've been apart of (Include how your time in each of them went, how long you were there, and why you are no longer with them. Please note that Multi Clanning isn't permitted unless it's been cleared with an official first):

Pures (that I can remember):

~05? EZ Ownage, left

~05/6? FOE, went inactive

~06, MM, quit RS late 06

~2011 Zenith, wasn't really a fan, stayed for a few weeks only

~2011 FI, honestly I thought there were just a bunch of idiots in here, didn't stay long

~2011-12? PLS, young startup clan, enjoyed my time here, closed.

~2012 NX, merge of PLS and some other clan, didn't last long

~2012 DVN, small warring/community based pure clan, leader got hacked IIRC.




2015-18: DI. Enjoyed pretty much every second here and learned a lot, finished as Officer. Closed.


Numerous CWA teams (Immac, Spartans, Seals etc), currently still in CE, TA and Adrenaline.
Do you know any current Revenant members, if so how long have you known them & how did you first meet them?:
- Anyone that was in DI or a shared CWA team over the past 4 years or so (there's a lot of you), and a number of others from around the scene. I'd imagine many more will likely know of me rather than know me personally.
Use the space below to reply to any comments/criticism on your application:

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you were really good in di from what i remember fighting di etc, best of luck. try to convince the di in ct to jump ship before it's too late.


e: crystal shields for sure. some torags wouldnt hurt either

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yea ur good at rs etc, just put in the right effort and shuld be fine

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hi, good effort into intro that will help you hope activity won't be an issue

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