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Winners of the Longest Fight in RS History: Reign of Terror Fucked for 30 Hours Straight

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Since the start of this crash war a little over a year ago, which was prompted immediately after we annihilated our previous rival in similar fashion to this, we've set the record straight with RoT plenty of times. The myriad of gwasballs, leaks, and suicide sessions we've put these kids through will all attest to just how weak RoT has become.


Despite this, RoT's always had one thing that they've become far too dependant on. Lacking any true quality and leaving their calling to clowns like this, the only one true thing they're "good" at is suiciding and outlasting.


Thursday at 6:00 pm EST, we decided to take the one last thing these pussies had left. We set-up a fight with AF to bait these kids out and when they finally came, we told our men we weren't going to end no matter what.


What ensued was longest fight in RS history (in gear) in GDZ. Interestingly, despite claiming to 'love GDZ'—they were awfully afraid of actually stepping inside. It took them a full 12 hours to finally step inside and spammed 'this is where the real fight starts', just to run outside with their tails between their legs only two hours in, by running outside towards new-gate.


We had 40+ men staying on the entire night (most of which were GMT) and by the morning we rotated our men and callers by letting some sleep for the real push we'd have during the late afternoon. This is where we gained to around 55 and where we knew RoT was finished. After another 14 hours of suiciding near new-gate, they made a last ditch effort to suicide barrage with their remaining ~15 members left for another hour.


On Saturday, 12:00 am EST, RoT finally gave up on trying to win this 30 hour fight in gear and decided to get into 1-item, allowing us to take a clean ending right in front of them, with our map inside GDZ completely purple.


Good shit to every single person who put in the work to kill these kids. We had no prep at all for this, yet so many people decided they would put Rev first just for this. It's unreal how many dedicated motherfuckers there are in this clan.


@FfsM8 loot from 30 hours of killing rot:






























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Easiest fight in my fucking life, imagine being in one of the slave clans or having SV carry you in one item while you try to sleep LMFAO. 


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eas/fun as fuck LMFAO same shit tomorrow?

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Rev Jack

Was hella fun to farm some depressed men acting tough online in their mid 30s just to hide their crippling depression and failures in the real world. 

Hope they go again soon. 

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Spent 22+ hours at the fight and smoked so many rod dogs lmfao !


Same shit next week retards 

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Wish my boy Zulu would return faster, dumb fucking dog. 

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the most one sided fight i've ever seen, too easy. 

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Rot really showed how weak they are and it really isn't surprising, nothing without propaganda lmfao

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Was a filthy farming session, proud of all the dedicated revenant fellas who stayed online to continuously smoke ROT over and over again.


The 1 iteming and dragging away from the fight location was proof that ROT had given up. Instead of calling it off, the egos got in the way and obviously pissed off MANY members as they teled up to get 1 hit HUNDREDS of times each over a couple of hours.



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